1. My name is

    Crispin Read


    and I've been messing about on the Internet for over 20 years...

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  2. About me

    I studied Multimedia Systems at London Guildhall University in the olden days when Google didn't exist and people still said 'double-you double-you double-you dot' as a prefix for a web address. Nowadays I build web stuff for charities and speak/ blog/ advise on digital strategy, know-how and tools for non profits. I work for White Fuse Media in London, am a big fan of open source technology like Wordpress, Drupal and CiviCRM and I was previously awarded the early adopter badge from the internet scout master.

    I live in Hackney with my wife, Ali, a bicycle called Trigger's Broom and a cat called Janit.

  3. Some of my Projects...

    ...and places you can find me online ~ some are current, some are in stasis, some are best left well alone

    AHA what I really should do is have feeds from all over the place in here - that will be in the next version.

    • The Interwebs
    • Dear Janit
    • CUPS @ WORK
    • The Crescent, Celebrity Gossip Podcast
    • Crispin Read on Instagram
    • Crispn Read on Vimeo
    • White Fuse Blog
    • BarCamp NonProfits
    • LASA Knowledgebase
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